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Naltrexone - the active substance, which is part of the drug - binds to specific receptors in the human body. As a result, exogenous (received from outside) and endogenous (elaborated by the body) opioids do not bind to these receptors and have the desired action. Thus, the use Naltrexonea in a standard daily dose (50 mg) in heroin addicts can lead to a lack of effect of the introduction of heroin a day. Drug itself is not addictive and virtually no effect on human health. Therapy is conducted for a long time - from six months. The only symptom associated with Naltrexonea, is a contraction of the pupils.

Used Naltrexone at:

Therapy for opioid addiction; Alcoholism - can support complex treatment;

Producing Naltrexone in capsules and solutions, which are taken orally. Separate application of the funds - is not allowed. Instructions Naltrexone drug clearly says that you can only use it to start in a health institution. To resort to treatment with this drug, the patient should refrain from taking any opioid drugs and substances for at least a week. In addition, before using Naltrexonea should be fully docked withdrawal - that is, to end "breaking." This is a prerequisite! Availability of opioids in the body should be confirmed by a urine test.

First, the patient do "trial" - give a small dose (500 micrograms). If within one hour of the patient showed no clinical signs of withdrawal and intolerance, then this sample is considered negative (in other words, it is possible to start therapy). The treatment starts with a dose of 20 mg. Next patient watch one hour. If the withdrawal is not shown, the patient receives daily doses of the rest of the (additional 30 mg). There are several schemes Naltrexonea application for the treatment of drug addiction and maintain patients with alcoholism. The decision to choose a method of treatment takes a doctor.

Contraindications Naltrexone at:

Opioid presence in the urine; Failure to confirm the negative result of naloxone sample; withdrawal; The use of medicinal opioids (analgesics - such as Tramal, butorphanol, and other); Liver disease - acute hepatitis and severe liver disease; Pregnancy and lactation. Side effects and overdose Naltrexoneom

Patients receiving this drug, there may be symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, anxiety, abdominal pain, muscle aches, headaches. Less common dyspeptic symptoms, chills, agitation, abnormal ejaculation. In rare cases, patients taking Naltrexone described and more severe reactions. But it should be noted that similar phenomena occur in this group of patients, and is applying the medication.

Naltrexoneom Overdose leads to poisoning, symptoms of which may be different. According to Wink reaction is carried out and treatment.

Reviews Naltrexone

On the Internet you can find reviews Naltrexonee who leave themselves addicts and their relatives. Patients tend to wonder what would happen if, by treating this drug, take heroin (or desomorphine).

If there was a failure - in any case can not be used further Naltrexone! - Answers on-line consultant - an urgent need to see a doctor, who prescribed you this drug.

Can a husband who treated Naltrexone heroin addiction, drink? The doctor said we that need "absolute sobriety." But I think maybe he does not like intoxication on the background of this medicine?

No. If untreated Naltrexone, you can not be taking drugs or drinking.

Relatives of patients it is important to be aware that large doses of the drug (up to 25 mg of heroin) weaken the effect Naltrexonea. This drug - not a panacea. It does not weaken the cravings, but only to prevent drug intoxication. But the patient should always make sure that he did not violate sobriety, including not take alcohol. Remember Naltrexone - this is just one of the components that can restore the health of opioid dependence. In addition to drug therapy, these need to be treated at the psychotherapist, to strengthen the body, to adjust the lifestyle and way of thinking of man.