Naltrexone Alcoholism Medication

Buy Natlrexone Online

Buy Naltrexone Online

Naltrexone hcl is a well-known medication for alcohol dependence treatment. Also it is used in the medical preparation for weight loss. The question “Where to buy naltrexone” is usually actual for those who suffer from syndromes of alcoholism or for their relatives.

First of all, you should know – we will consider Naltrexone in the form of tablets for oral consumption (not injections or special forms for intramuscular usage).

At Local Pharmacy or Online?

So, to buy Naltrexone hcl at your local pharmacy you should have a receipt – which is not usually available. Also you can order it online in the Internet pharmacy. As well as we know – online pharmacies will not require receipt to sell you Naltrexone as it is not in the list of so-called Controlled Substances.

Brand or Generic?

Also there are two options of what pills you can buy – Brand or Generic ones. Brand names of Naltrexone hcl are Revia and Vivtrol. Brand tablets are usually much more expensive than their generic analogs. Generics are usually produced in India, the quality of Indian medications is very high and they are approved by Indian FDA. The main advantage of Generic Naltrexone is that it is much cheaper than Brand version – therefore you can spend the same amount of money on bigger quantity of medications.

Anyway, regardless of the option you will choose – I mean to buy generic naltrexone or the brand one – you should remember that pills must be taken strictly as it is said in the instruction leaflet or as your doctor prescribed for you. Also you should not exceed the dosing.

Ordering Online

Now a few words about how to purchase pills online. First of all – you should enter special website – online pharmacy. Then you will choose the dosage you need and the quantity of pills you need. Remember – at every online pharmacy the more pills you will order the cheaper single pill will cost for you. So, it is favorably to customer to order big amounts of pills.

The paying is usually performed by the credit card – Visa, MasterCard or American Express. When filling online forms during the checkout process you should recheck twice the phone number you entering. Be sure that you will receive call from the call-center to approve your order. This is necessary measure to prevent scam.

A few words about the privacy during payment. When entering your credit card data, you should be sure that web page is encrypted, and data is transmitted using SSL protocol. It is easy to make sure of it – just take a look at your browser’s address bar. The address of the page must start with httpS, but not just http.

After your order is placed you will receive email notification, there will be approximate dates of your order will be delivered. If your order is quite big – you probably will receive it in several separated packages.


We believe that buying Naltrexone online will help you to struggle with alcoholic dependence! You can read other patient's reviews on this preparation. It worked on most of them.

You should remember that alcoholism treatment involves not only usage of pharmaceutical preparations but also working with psychologist.

Buy Naltrexone Online